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How to Create Online Quiz free with Timer

You can follow simple below 6 steps and create your online Quiz

1. Go to Socrebell and click on Register button. You can register with your name and Email ID.

2. You will see Create Online Test button, this is the first point to start an online Quiz.

3. You can see the Quiz is already created with 4 pages, you can add questions and answers as you need.

4. You can set timer and in the next step you can change settings for creating a quiz. You can change the order of the Questions and Answers.

5. Send a link to Participants, so they can participate in the Quiz. You can send them Email or Invite them in a Group.

6. After publishing the Quiz, you will land in Dashboard. You can manage many things from the Score Manager.

  1. Step 1


    You can signup with ScoreBell, You will land on ScoreBell Dashboard where you can see many things, but in order to create a quiz simply click on Create Quiz.

  2. Step 2

    Add Questions & Answers

    Add Questions and Answers, You can add many types of Questions as Yes or Not Questions, Multiple Choice Questions, Single Choice Questions, True or False Questions, Short Answer Questions and Long Answer Questions.

  3. Step 3


    You can create 2 types of Quizs, Practice Quizs and knowledge Quizs. The Main Difference is in the Practice Quiz participants can see the Score after each Question and in the Knowledge Quiz participants can not see the score during or after the Quiz.

  4. Step 4

    Invite & Publish

    Invite your participants with the link, send them an email or invite them to Group and Publish the Quiz. You can change the Availability of the Quiz as you required.


Frequently asked Questions for Online Quiz

What is Online Quiz?

Online Quiz is helpful to judge the score of the Participants. You can create online Quiz with multiple choice Questions and invite participants to join in the Quiz.

Why Create Online Quiz?

There are mainly two reasons why you create online Quiz? 1: Online Quiz allows you to check online score and 2: You do not need to manually give paper and check the results of the participants.

Who can create Online Quiz?

Online Quiz is really helpful to teachers, recruiters, tutors and businesses. They can easily invite Quiz takers to participate in the Quiz and check the score of the Quiz.

How to Create Online Quiz?

You can create Online Quiz by clicking on Create Online Test button on the Software. You can add multiple choice questions or single choice questions and change the setting as you need for making online Quiz.

Benefits of Online Quiz?

The main reason for creating online Quiz is we can easily judge the score of participants online. We can easily decide do the Quiz takers really understand what we are trying to achieve.

is Online Quiz really free?

Yes anyone can make quiz for free. Individual users can make the Quiz for free on SocreBell but businesses want to do branding and add more staff for collaboration then this software is really helpful to them.

How It's Work

Simple Process to Check Score

You have Published the Quiz by following the above steps, not Now it is time to check the score of participants.


Participants List

Login with Your account details and click on Participants under the Quiz list table.


Check Score

You can check the Score of Participants and sort them in ascending or descending order to check the score.


Check Answers

You can check the detailed answers of each participant and see a detailed report of each Question. Put your comments and send them to Participants.

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Create a Quiz & check online score

You can create a online Quiz, send to participants & you can check online score of your staff, Incoming staff, students or your kids.

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